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Information on VAT and postal services for Franking Machine Users

The Government recently announced that standard rate VAT will start to apply to some postal services from 31st January 2011.

Most Royal Mail customers will be unaffected by this change, since most services will stay exempt from VAT. Like First and Second Class stamped and franked mail and standard parcels. Meaning there’ll be no VAT to pay when you buy stamps.

All the products that are going to attract VAT from 31st January, together with related pricing information, are listed in the Royal Mail's new products and pricing document (new window).

Account customers due to be directly affected by these changes are all being written to now.


Please note that the Royal Mail are not increasing the basic price of any of the Royal Mail services on 31st January 2011. All the Royal Mail is doing is starting to apply VAT to those prices, as mandated by government.

Further advice

Most businesses are able to recover VAT in full, making these changes even less significant, but the Royal Mail do recognise that a few cannot. For professional advice talk to your Finance department, Accountant or Tax Advisor.

International contract mail

International contract services to EU countries are going to start attracting VAT from 31st January 2011. But you won’t find the individual names of all these services listed on this page. That’s because the Royal Mail's’re currently improving and simplifying the Royal Mail's international contract range. More details to come in December.

Franked mail

If you’ve got a standard franking machine, you won’t be able to use it to buy any of the products affected by the introduction of VAT from 31st January 2011. If you have a "smart" meter which can handle VAT, you’ll be fine. Speak to Mailcoms on 01543 572 776 or your supplier to find out more.

Online postage

You will not be able to buy affected services on SmartStamp® and Online Postage for a while. They will still be available at Post Office® branches and on account.


These are some of the services the Royal Mail's will charge VAT on:

Express and Tracked services

International Services (VAT will only be added to EU destinations)

These are some of the services that remain exempt from VAT

UK Services

International Services

Got questions about how VAT on postal services could affect your business? Contact Royal Mail Customer Services on 08456 113 421 or Mailcoms on 01543 572 776, Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Please visit the Royal Mail page by clicking here on this subject by clicking here on this subject for further updates.

Are you affected by the VAT changes?


Replacing your Franking Machine

If you are looking for a replacement franking machine contact Mailcoms on 01543 572 776 or CLICK HERE to email your request. Mailcoms can offer some of the best solutions available without 'pressure' sales tactics.


Updating / Upgrading your franking Machine

Some Franking Machines can be updated to cope with the VAT changes, CLICK HERE and input your details to find out if your franking machine can be updated to allow it to process VAT affected products and services.